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Arabian CASA ltd. Co., has been established 2007, working in construction of tourism compounds in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Syria.
Orchidya Compound is the first project of series of tourism residential projects in Syria which consists of integrated improved projects to contain all required activities and specifications of the modern compounds such as in Europe and USA.

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When the nature goes in harmony with the human creativity in the homeland of civilization cradle, this harmony will certainly originate the infinite and unlimited powers of creativity in human self.
Syria is considered as a matter of fact, to be the heart of the world from the point of view of it strategic location linking together the old-world continentals in addition to it virgin nature enjoying the mild and moderate weather and making it all over the ages to be tourism cynosure and center of attraction to both the east and west.
Whereas the tourism and the housing investment is qualified to be advanced and stabile through the courageous steps done by the State paving the way for the reconstruction projects, we really do our best to execute that to be an idle and typical project for the constructional projects connecting among the tourism and the entertainment.

The First Group

Represented in the necessary services provided in the complex enriching the tenants completely with satisfaction away from surrounding areas.

The Second group

Including the tourism and housing apartments as per the highest standards

The Third Group

Contains the recognized villas of Orchydia Compound where each one consists of a n independent luxurious two floors housing villa, with private swimming pool and garden.

These villas represent the highest class and standard housing style in Orchydia Compound.

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